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ADC Blowing Agent

    Chemical Blowing Agent (CBA)

    Blowing agents, be defined as compounds which are thermally unstable and decompose to yield gas at the desired polymer processing temperature, are widely used to expand rubber, plastics to create foam. Most of the chemical blowing agents are organic chemicals, while inorganic chemicals are few.

    In accordance with the decomposition mechanism, CBA are generally subdivided into two major categories: exothermic and endothermic. Customers can select the suitable type according to the environmental conditions and actual use.

    n Azodicarbonamide(ADC)

    Among all industrial blowing agents, ADC is the most economical and most widely applied organic chemical blowing agent. ADC is a type of yellow or light yellow crystal in powder form. Its specific gravity is 1.65 and is nontoxic and odorless. Pure ADC decomposes between 200-210℃. By adding some activating agent to ADC will lower its decomposition temperature down to 150℃ or even lower, which further enlarges its application fields.

    ²  Chemical name: Azodicarbonamide

    ²  Popular name: ADC blowing agent, AC blowing agent

    ²  Product trademark: Wellcell™

    ²  Formular: NH2CON=NCONH2

    ²  MOL WT.: 116.08

    The Characteristics of WellcellTM ADC

    WELLCELL™ is the registered trademark of Sundow Polymers.

    WELLCELL™ADC has good dispersibility, large gas yield and nontoxic decomposition products. It is odorless and non-pollutive, and is mainly used for production of closed-cell foam products.

    Wellcell™ ADC uses the similar technology with Yaxing Chemical’s Porofor and has the same quality. As we know, Yaxing Chemical used to be the biggest CPE producer and the famous ADC producer in the world. Unfortunately, it was closed by the government in the end of October 2019 because of the factory location reasons. Some other Chinese ADC producers also face environmental protection problems and have greatly reduced their production. However, Sundow has not this kind of problems and can promise to keep the supply and quality of Wellcell™ ADC stably. So Sundow would be the good choice for customers to cooperate.

    You can find the corresponding relationship between Wellcell ADC and Yaxing Porofor in the selection guide. 

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